Buziaș Dendrological Park

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E70, Buziaș 305100, Romania


The Buziaș Dendrological Park occupies an area of ​​20 hectares, where many species of trees can be found, the most common of which being the plane tree (Platanus).

In the past, in the Dendrological Park there were many squirrels, who had become mascots of the Park, but now they can be seen rarely. In recent years, the Buziaș City Hall together with the Association for Buziaș Development are working to repopulate the park with squirrels and organize the Squirrel Festival annually.

The wooden colonnade, built in Byzantine style in 1875 at the request of Emperor Franz Joseph, is another attraction of the Park.

The colonnade connects the spring Josif, Phoenix Hotel, the bazaar, the spring Mihai and the Casino, having not only the role of protecting the lovers of promenades against precipitations and sun, but also a beneficial effect in the treatments, due to the strongly ionized negative air.

Similar colonnades are also found in Karlovy Vary and Baden-Baden, but the impressive length of the Buziaș Colonnade (500 meters) makes it unique in Europe.

Photo sources: http://buzias.ro/; https://www.facebook.com/hotelparcbuzias/

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