Alpinet Park in Timișoara


Parcul Alpinet, Timișoara, Romania


Alpinet Park, previously called Arboretum, is certainly one of the most beautiful parks of Timișoara, located on the left bank of the Bega Canal, between Traian Bridge and Tinereții Bridge.

Created by Mihai Demetrovici in 1924, upon a meeting of the Romanian horticulturalists, the park contains various alpine and subalpine species.

The uneven land enabled the building of several terraces with stone walls, hence the name Alpinet, which was subsequently assigned to it.

The waterfront alley offers a great view of the right bank of the Bega, covered with ornamental vegetation, with many resinous species, and the towers of the Metropolitan Cathedral in the background.

Alpinet Park was refurbished at the same time with the waterfront of the Cathedral Park, the pyramidal poplars were then replaced with Magnolia kobus.

Flora Restaurant is located in the middle of the park, close to the waterfront.

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