Trip on wild Bega

Nature lovers can enjoy an unforgettable trip on the ... Wild Bega. An oasis of tranquility, near Timisoara, where they will discover hidden beauties of the county of Timis. The trip starts at Remetea Mare and ends at Ghiroda and it lasts about 2 or 3 hours.

Local guides and travel specialists will tel you endless stories about the places you cross bye on the boats or canoes. You can choose between 6 + 1 seater boats or 2-seater canoes. Don’t forget the adequate sport equipment, the sunscreen, your cap and the drinking water.

The trip is proposed by the Association for Promotion and Development of Tourism (APDT) in Timis County in collaboration with the Equilibrium Group.

Many trips can be made on various routes of the Bega river. If you are interested, call the representatives of the Equilibrium Group: 0040745354924

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