The Little Mountain Cabin


Welcome to the place where memories are created, dreams are fulfilled, and romantic moments are savored. This cabin was built for two, and is reserved for couples only; to bask in quality time together in the peacefulness of the mountains. We are committed to providing the perfect place for you and your love to get away to a sweetheart haven. We pay great attention to detail to try to make this as ideal of an experience as possible for you and your spouse.

Located in the Carpathian Mountain Range in Southwestern Romania, the peace of the rugged wilds surround this beautiful cabin. Situated beside a mountain brook, and nestled against the steep mountains, the opportunities to enjoy nature are endless. The clear mountain air, the rushing mountain stream, the shaded picnic area under the trees beckon you to breath deeply the tranquility that engulfs this secluded refuge.

Enjoy the comfortable accommodations prepared for couples in this romantic cabin. The authentic stone fireplace invites you to curl up with a good book and a hot drink on a cold winter evening. Or for long walks at a summer sunset, along the stream where trout dart through the waters.

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