The House with the Lions

Architecture / Monument


Piața Unirii, Timișoara, Romania


The House with the Lions is located in Union Square, on the north side, being the first house to be built in this square, in Baroque style, dated 1758.

Over time, the House with the Lions had several names, depending on its destination. Since 1840, the building was successively home to the "La Soarele de Aur" ("The Golden Sun") tavern, the "La Câinele Alb" ("The White Dog") grocery store and the "La Fluierul Mare" ("The Big Flute") shop.

Early twentieth century, when the building belonged to the Weiss family, it was rebuilt in the Secession style, which is when the two life-size carved lions were added on the roof, thus dominating the façade of the house up to present day.

The building is known as the "House with the Lions" or the "Weiss-Grünbaum Trade House".

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