The Green Forest Bike Trails


There are 4 bike trails, marked by different colors, near the Zoo Garden in Timișoara:

The Green Trail: links the Zoological Garden - the Village Museum with the entrance on Calea Lipovei, Constructorilor Street. The Green Trail is 2.5 km long and runs along the central lane of the Green Forest.

The Blue Trail links Calea Lipovei, Constructorilor Street with the Dam of Dumbrăvița. The route has a length of 3.2 km.

The Red Trail is 4.4 kilometers long and is considered the most spectacular one, mostly along the Behela creek.

The Orange Trail starts at Dam of Dumbrăvița and crosses the former hunting area. The Orange Trail has an approximate length of 4 kilometers and crosses a wild, quiet and beautiful area of ​​the Green Forest.


Route Stop Points