Partoș Monastery


Partoș, Romania


The earliest documentary mention of this monastery dates back to 1571.

The Austrian Map of Banat in 1723 depicts the monastery as isolated, surrounded by vast forests and marshlands.

In the years of communism, the monastic life here was interrupted, the place being taken by the Partoș parish. Between 1955 and 1956 excavations are carried out inside the old church.

In 1956 the relics of St. Joseph the New are taken from Partoș and moved to the Metropolitan Cathedral for official canonization.

After the reestablishment of the monastery in 2008, important renovations and maintenance works were carried out on the interior of the two churches and the entire precincts.

On November 8, 2012, the "Queen Elizabeth House" was put into use, located in the vicinity of the settlement, which includes a museum and a rich library.

Address: Partoș village, Banloc commune, Timiş county
Road access: DN 59 Timişoara-Moraviţa, DN 59B Deta-Banloc, DJ 184 Banloc-Partoș. It is 57.5 km from Timișoara and 14 km from Deta.

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