The Clopodia Mansions


Clopodia, Jamu Mare, România


The Wekerle-Petala Mansion in Clopodia is declared a historic monument, along with its annexes and the dendrological park, where special tree species can be found, such as silver planes (Platanus) and American walnut trees.

The construction was erected in 1840 by Nyeky Antal, in the rural Baroque style, and then restored in the neoclassical style, in vogue at the end of the 19th century.

The particularity of the construction is the small loggia framed by the two towers placed asymmetrically to the axis of the facade.

After the Great Union of 1918, the mansion became the property of General Vintila Petala, who lived here until 1951.

In the 1990s, the mansion was returned to the great-granddaughter of the General, Marie-Rose Mociorniţa, who sold it to the Erina family, and today it is owned by SC Quintino Agriculture.

In Clopodia it is also the Manase Mansion, whose last owner was Manase Iuliu, currently owned by Barboi family.

Both mansions can be visited from the outside.

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