The Rural City Hall in Sărăzani


In the village of Sărăzani, Bârna commune, there is preserved the oldest rural city hall in Banat, the monument being dated approximately between 1824 and 1835.

The specialists placed the building into the category of rural constructions "with the plan inspired by the type of tricellular dwelling with partial porch".

From the beginning, the building had an administrative functionality, as well as the headquarters of the City Hall.

The construction was lifted on a short socle of quarry stone, the round oak beams being glued with clay, inside and outside, then painted in white lime. The floor is made of fir planks. The original shingle roof was replaced after World War I with a tile roof.

In 1971, the City Hall of Sărăzani was transferred to the Banat Village Museum in Timişoara, where it is still today.

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