Săraca Monastery


Semlacu Mic, Șemlacu Mic 307185, Romania


Săraca Monastery is the oldest of the diocese, and for this reason the church model was included in the coat of arms of the Timișoara Archdiocese.

The origin of the monastery is not known for certain. According to some historians, it dates back to the 13th-14th centuries. Other researchers, taking into consideration the old painting, claim that the monastery was built in the 16th-17th centuries. From the analysis of the historical documents, it appears that between 1270-1271 the monastery carried out a rich activity, possessing a mill besides the small volcano Șumigu.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the monastery was home to a school where paintings of icons were taught, the teachers being the monks from Tismana, Muntenia. The painted frescoes preserve their remarkable artistic expressiveness until today, being considered the most valuable of these kind in Banat.

The settlement was completely restored, being in good working order.

Address: Şemlacu Mic village, Şemlacu Mare commune, Timiş county
Access: DN 59 Timişoara, to the south - Voiteg (30 km), branch to the right, to Gătaia (19,5 km) - branch to the right, DL towards Butin - Şemlacu Mic (21 km)

Information and photo sources: http://mitropolia-banatului.ro/; http://turismtimis.ro/

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