The Blue Cave

Natural Attraction / Speleology


Pietroasa, Romania


The Blue Cave, also known as the Pietroasa Cave, is located in Poiana Ruscăi Mountains, 12 km from Făget, at an altitude of 340 meters, 370 meters long.

The name of the Blue Cave is due to its chromatic dominance, named by speleologists "blue of Pietroasa".

Entrance to the cave is narrow, but as it advances, the space widens to discover stalagmites and stalactites bathed in the shades of an unique blue.

The cave has a column of 7 m high, called "Tibia and Fibula". The locals say that archaeological excavations have revealed a warehouse of cereals, neolithic ceramics, and even skeletal remains of the cave bear.

In the cave are living different species of bats.

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