The Mureș Meadow Natural Park

Natural Attraction


Parcul Natural Lunca Mureșului, Igriș, Romania


The Mureș Meadow Natural Park is located in the west of Romania, in the counties of Arad and Timiş, downstream Arad city (the city center is 4 km from the eastern boundary of the area).

The Mureş Meadow Natural Park stretches from Arad to the Hungarian border, along the Mureş River. It has a surface of ​​17,455 ha and includes the area with dams of ​​Mureş; it is a floodable area, located between the dams built on either side of the river and between the high terraces of the same river.

The Meadow of Inferior Mureş river is a typical wetland ecosystem with flowing and standing waters, with alluvial forests, willows and poplars galleries, as well as agricultural fields, important nesting place and passage for approx. 200 bird species, many of them being under international protection.

In recent years, the beavers have reappeared, a species that has disappeared since the first half of the 19th century.

The Mureş River, which separates the northeast of Timiş county from Arad County, can be crossed on float bridge in Igris, Sânpetru Mare commune. Close to the crossing place is Igriş Island, with a surface of 3 ha, a protected natural area.

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