The Dauerbach Palace

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Palatul Dauerbach, Timișoara, Romania


The Dauerbach Palace, also known as the Palace, is a monumental building, located in Victory Square of Timișoara. Built between 1912 and 1913, based on the plans of famous architect László Székely, the edifice impresses through the harmonious combination of architectural styles of the era: Eclectic, Art Nouveau and Baroque.

The façade of the building was executed in a special way, being structured into one central and two side parts. The central side is also divided into 3 higher parts, with three pediments at the roof level, in the shape of an ogival accolade. The sides each have 2 pillars, and at the upper level - a pediment and a lower roof.

Ever since the inauguration of the building, the Palace restaurant and café were opened at the ground floor, as well as the first open-air terrace in town. For a very long time, the restaurant was one of the most appreciated ones among the local high society.

On the northern corner of the building, a pharmacy used to work in 1913, which is still enjoying a good reputation in town.

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