The Palace of the Reformed Community

Architecture / Palace


Strada Timotei Cipariu 1, Timișoara, Romania


The Palace of the Reformed Community is located in the vicinity of the Virgin Mary Square in Timişoara, at 1 Timotei Cipariu St..

The building houses the parsonage and the reformed church, and it was built in 1902 in Neo-Gothic style, based on the projects of Budapest architects Nagy Károly and Jánosházi László.

The architecture of the building is a special one. It highlights the sharp-shaped roofs, similar to the medieval towers from the Gothic period.

The organ of the Reformed Community Palace was manufactured in Lipót Wegenstein's workshop, and the pulpit is the work of Jakab Fischer.

In front of the Reformed Community Palace, on December 15, 1989, the Romanian anti-communist revolution began, with the manifestation against the deportation of the Reformed pastor, László Tökes.

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