The Surduc Lake

Natural Attraction


Lacul Surduc, Romania


Located within the Fârdea village, the dam that led to the formation of Surduc Lake began to be built in 1972. Surduc water storage reached nearly 25 million cubic meters of water in 1977, but it was designed to store a water volume of 51 million cubic meters.

Surduc Lake has the main purpose of providing drinking water to the Timişoara area, defending against floods and, of course, also has a tourist purpose, being a place where lovers of fishing and other leisure activities can enjoy themselves freely.

With an area of ​​460 hectares, the Surduc Lake is the largest lake in Timis County. The lake water does not freeze, and this is how it is created the necessary conditions for the winter survival of thousands of aquatic birds.

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