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Air transport is provided by Timisoara International Airport, located in the northeastern part of the city. It is considered a reserve airport for Otopeni International Airport (Bucharest), Budapest and Belgrade, being the second largest and most important airport in the country and the most important airport in the DKMT Euroregion.

The airport offers regular flights through several national and international airlines, facilitating fast passenger and freight transport links with various cities in the country and around the world.

The airport's technical endowment allows access to aircraft used by large companies in the world, including Airbus-310 or Concorde, being the most important airspace of the county and region.

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Timisoara International Airport

The rail network

The railway network (787 km), formed in the last century as a result of the impetus given by the development of the Timis County industry, today enjoys the most dense railway network in the country.

The territory of the county is crossed by two international railway routes, the south route, with the Bucharest - Craiova - Timisoara - Jimbolia route and connections to Belgrade and Kikinda (Serbia) and the western route that departs from Timisoara to Baia Mare, crosses the Tisa Plain and makes, in Ilia locality, the junction with the Bucharest - Brasov - Arad route.

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Road network

The road network is well developed, with a length of 2,858 km, which places the county in the first place in the country in the hierarchy of the length of the public roads.

Timiş county is crossed by two important European roads, E 70, entering the country from Serbia at the border crossing point Stamora Moravita and connecting via Timişoara with the south of the country and with the capital Bucharest and E 671, which cross the county of north to south, ensuring a good connection with Hungary and Central Europe respectively.

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