Buziaș SPA Resort

Balneoclimateric Resort


Buziaș 305100, Romania


Buziaș is the only spa resort of national interest in the west of the country, with a cardiovascular therapeutic profile, using natural cure factors in the treatment procedures, i.e.:

- carbonated mineral water used in the external cure in the form of baths with heated mineral water and in the internal cure from the pump rooms in the park;

- mofettes, CO2 emissions being beneficial for peripheral circulation;

- air ionisation, the air concentration being similar to an altitude of 1000 m, although the resort is situated at an altitude of 128 m, bioclimate being suitable for treatment and rest.

The Health Center infrastructure is part of the Hotel Complex Parc *** and Timis *, offering the following therapeutic procedures: physiotherapy, kinetotherapy, hydrotherapy, halotherapy, manual therapy, lymph drainage, therapeutic massage, relaxation and toning massage, local applications with wax bees, galvanic baths.

The groups of diseases that can be treated in the Health Center: cardiovascular, neurological, digestive, renal and circulatory diseases.

Benefits: vasodilatation, decrease in heart rate, decrease in blood pressure, improvement of myocardial irrigation, prophylactic goal for cardiovascular diseases, cardiometabolic education.

Text and photo sources: http://buzias.ro/; https://www.facebook.com/statiunea.buzias/

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