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DN6 200, Recaș 307340, Romania


History, tradition, culture, taste, aromas, all in one word: QUALITY. White, red and rosé wines of high quality, still and sparkling wines, awarded with diplomas and medals at national and international contests can be tasted and served in a special ambiance.

Here you will discover or rediscover the types of wines that our company produces and bottles, the same types of wine that you can find in more than 25 countries: USA, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, Germany, Austria, UK, Sweden, Malaysia.

Oldest records date back to 1447, when the lord of Severin, Mihail de Ciorna, purchased the vineyards in Recas. From that day until now, the blessing of the legendary gods of wine has continued to protect the destiny of the vineyards in Recas.

In the last 10 years, both the vineyard and winery have been completely and exhaustively modernized in order to be able to fully control the production process using the latest quality standards world-wide. In the vineyard - over 800 hectares have been re-planted already using the highest quality vine stock from France and Italy. The winery has been fully fitted out with stainless steel, automatic temperature controlled tanks for fermenting and storing the wine. Also, one of the fastest and most efficient bottling lines in Europe has been inaugurated in 2016. The philosophy here is simple - to apply the absolute best production methods to every single wine - to enhance and preserve the natural quality of the grapes - and provide a consistently high quality product every year for every wine we make.

Recas winery has focused mainly on modern dry wines – being one of the trend setters in post 1989 Romania with this approach. At its best, Cramele Recas wineries pride on producing Solo Quinta, one of the most distinctive premium white wines in the country. Solo Quinta has been declared the producer’s best wine since 2011, when it was awarded the gold medal at Vinalies Internationales, France also being nominated the best dry white wine in the competition. This was probably the most significant distinction a Romanian wine has ever received. Its red “brother”, Cuvee Uberland, was also among the first Romanian wines to receive an award of excellence in 2008, when it was presented with the gold medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

The Recaș Wineries Products: Conacul Ambrozy, Cuvee Uberland, Solo Quinta, Muse, Selene, Sole, La Putere, Cocoșul dintre Vii, Castel Huniade, Schwaben Wein, Domeniile Recas, Regno Recas

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