The Liptay Mansion


Conacul Liptay, DN6, Lovrin 307250, Romania


The Liptay Mansion, one of the historical monuments of Banat, a correspondent of baroque and neo-classical architectural styles, is located in the center of Lovrin, near the Roman Catholic Church.

The construction was started in 1817 by Friedrich Liptay, a descendant of an ancient family from the upper part of Hungary. By the end of the eighteenth century, his father, Captain Anton Liptay, had been landed in the area of ​​Gottlob and Lovrin by the Emperor Leopold II.

Two years after construction began, the park around the mansion was set up on an area of ​​1.5 hectares. The park was designed in English style and included a small lake. It has long been an attraction of Lovrin commune, rivaling in beauty with the Timişoara parks.

The old water tower, now partially disabled, the former show house, the buildings that used to be used as stables and warehouses are still in the park.

During the same period, the Roman Catholic Church was built in the vicinity of the mansion.

Currently, the mansion is owned by the Lovrin Agricultural Research and Development Resort.

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