The Nikolaus Lenau Memorial House


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Lenauheim 307240, Romania


The native place of the romantic poet Nikolaus Lenau bears the name Lenauheim since 1926 to honor his memory. He is said to be one of Austrias most important lyrics in the 19th century.

In front of the Village Hall, there is the statue of Lenau, and on the main street there is the Nikolaus Lenau Memorial House and the Ethnography Museum.

The Nikolaus Lenau Memorial House was established in 1932. The building that houses the museum was built in 1775, today it is declared a historic monument. It is the house where the poet Nikolaus Lenau was born in 1802.

In the left wing of the upper floor of building, there are manuscripts, books, press clippings, photographs, paintings, busts, photocopies, etc. all reminding of the life and activity of Nikolaus Lenau.

In the right wing of the building, there is the Swabian museum of local history. Eight rooms depict how the Banat Swabians have lived here.

The most important events in the history of the community Lenauheim, are written on the blackboards. In a glass cabinet you can see contemporary documents and manuscripts.

Aged equipment and tools illustrate the daily work of peasant population.

Several rooms of a typical Banat Swabian house from the end of the 19th century were recreated and are showing cultivation of and taste in home decor. One of the most valuable exhibits is a painted bed from 1821. A cradle, a bassinet, carved chairs and tables can also be marveled, as well as an old Singer-sewing machine.

The snuggery, today living room, conduced as a showroom. In the kitchen dishes and a stove from former times are exhibited. In the „Speis”, the pantry of the Banat Swabians, supplies and kitchen equipment were stored.

The eye-catcher is definitely the “Kirchweihzug” which assembles the biggest costume collection of the Banat. There are many dolls from nearly every community of the Banat, wearing traditional costumes.

The birth house of Nikolaus Lenau was restored in the anniversary year 2002 due to the initiative of the village administration of Lenauheim, the territorial association „Banat Swabians”- state association of Bavaria and the Hometown Association (HOG) Lenauheim. The presentation of the exhibition was done by the Banat Museum Timişoara.

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