The House of the Orthodox Community

Architecture / Monument


Piața Unirii 5, Timișoara, Romania


The House of the Orthodox Community is located at 5 Union Square; it was built by the Orthodox community in 1828, on the site of an older house dating back to the second half of the eighteenth century. The building was used both by the Romanian and Serbian Orthodox believers.

From the architectural stand point, the building was designed in Classicist style, with some Baroque influences. The entrance portal is flanked by double Doric semi-columns. The six openings from the ground floor, located left and right of the entrance portal, have round arches above, typical of the Classicist style.

During the restoration work carried out in 1983, executed by architect Şerban Sturza, the house was added a gable roof in Austrian Baroque style.

Over time, the house has several uses. Thus, in 1823, the Orthodox school functioned here, and later, in 1847, it became known as the "New Illyrian House", with a wine cellar and commercial spaces on the ground floor. In 1853, on these premises nine shops used to operate.

After the separation of the Romanian Orthodox Church from the Serbian one, the building remained property of the latter.

Currently, part of the building is leased to companies.

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