”Cetate” Reformed Church in Timișoara


Piața Sfânta Maria, Timișoara, Romania


"Cetate" Reformed Church is located in Maria Square in Timisoara, being the former parochial house of Bishop Laszlo Tokes, where the Revolution of December 1989 began.

The marble slabs placed near the entrance evoke in four languages ​​(Romanian, Hungarian, German and Serbian) the event: "From here started the Revolution that abolished the dictatorship." 15.XII.1989.

The construction was built in 1902, in Anglo-Gothic style, following the plans of architects Nagy Karoly jr. and Janoshazi Laszlo in Budapest. It is covered with apparent Klinker brick and has a cock on one of its towers.

The pipe organ of the church was made in the manufactory of Wegenstein Lipot, and the pulpit is the creation of Fischer Jakab.

Photo source: https://www.opiniatimisoarei.ro/

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