The Mocioni Mansion in Foeni


Conacul Mocioni, DN59B, Foeni 307175, Romania


The building that houses the cultural center and kindergarten of Foeni was the residency of the Mocioni family, a family whose members were politicians, scholars, philosophers.

The construction, imposing by architectural style and size, was built in neoclassical style according to the plans of architect Otto Wagner.

The mansion has high gates, with steps grouped in three sections, which divided the mansion into distinct living quarters.

The most important family member who lived here was Andrei Mocioni de Foen, the great-grandson of Macedo-Romanian priest Constantine.

There is another historical monument in the Foeni cemetery - the Mocioni Mausoleum, a sober style building designed by the architect Mor Kallina, where the Mocioni family members are buried.

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