The Csekonics Mansion


Strada Tudor Vladimirescu, Jimbolia 305400, Romania


Colonel Joseph Csekonics (1757-1824), born in Kőszeg, a western Hungarian burg, becomes the owner of the Jimbolia domain in 1800.

Like other noble families who have bought vast lands with whole villages, the Csekonics family has built several castles, of which the most beautiful buildings are Csekonics Castle - also called the Inner Castle and Csito Castle, raised between 1863-1870 near the Jimbolia domain and which was destroyed after the First World War.

Csekonics Castle still exists, impressing with the refinement of its architecture.

It is supposed that the old castle was built at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when General Joseph Csekonics resigned from the position of commander of the Mezőhegyes stud farm and retired to Jimbolia domain.

Between 1907 and 1908 the Eastern wing of building was demolished. Thus the initial U-shape has turned into L-shape, this one being the appearance of the building today.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the castle served as a residence for widow countess Leontina Csekonics and as a guest house of the family.

After long negotiations with the noble family, the Jimbolia commune bought the castle in 1935, starting extensive reconstruction and renovation works.

Since 1937 the building houses the city hall and the communal administration.

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