The Water Palace

Architecture / Palace


Iosefin - Bega, Timișoara, Romania


The Water Palace is one of the most valuable buildings in Timișoara, located at the entrance to the Iosefin Neighbourhood, immediately after Traian Bridge.

The Water Palace or the House of the House of the Timiș Bega Hydro-Improvement Company, as it was originally called, was built between 1900 and 1902 by Karl Hart, based on architect Baumhorn Lipót's plans, after Bega became navigable.

The building was designed in the architectural style typical of the 1900s, and decorated with Neo-Baroque and Ionic elements.

Since originally it had been a single-storey building, it was later raised by Artur Tunner, without, however, losing its architectural harmony.

The heightened roof of the central part of the building and the double columns of the façade can be noted, both highlighting the pediments. The decorations are extremely rich, while one may distinguish representations of fish and other water-inspired figures, as well as anthropomorphic ones.

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